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i have a bird of paradise plant and i wanted to know when is it best to repot and would cold tea be good to help it grow?



Leave the cold tea to the compost heap. Repot when gowth is likely to start, i.e. April time. Worthy

8 Jan, 2011


On the assumption you're growing it as a houseplant, this info from my houseplant book:
Average warmth, keep at 55 to 60 Deg F in winter. As much light as possible, but shade from hot summer sun. Water thoroughly, then leave until the compost surface is dry before watering again. Water sparingly in winter. Mist leaves occasionally. Repot in Spring, divide large plants at repotting time. Feed during growing season (spring/summer) preferably with a liquid feed mixed in water.
If yours is a young plant, expect to wait 4-6 years before it flowers, by which time it should be in something like a 10 inch pot and 3-4 feet high.

9 Jan, 2011

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