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By Dreeny8

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I brought my Amaryllis out from it's summer hiding place, on the floor of the shed. After about 3 weeks to
my delight it started to shoot. It grew huge! sadly in
spite of feeding it did not flower. It has now almost
died back and I was wondering whether it is worth storing it again if it will only produce leaves.




How old is the bulb they need to be 4/5 years old to flower so I would keep hold of it

9 Jan, 2011


Dreeny, this is a bulb - that means it stores food for future flower production when the leaves are present, so that's the time to feed it - which means it will, or should, produce a flower the following year, not this year. If you didn't feed it when it first grew and flowered, whilst the leaves were present, that's why you've no flower now.

9 Jan, 2011


thank-u so much for your answers, I had no idea. It will now stay for a while longer. Steve says 4-5 yrs, does that mean letting it grow dormant, reviving and so on.?

9 Jan, 2011


If you've already had it in flower once (in its first year) then it won't take that long - Steve is referring to buying a small bulb that isn't old enough to flower, but most Amaryllis are sold, usually with a pot, around Christmas or just before, and they are big enough to flower at point of sale.

9 Jan, 2011


Thank-u for coming back with that information.

9 Jan, 2011


Thanks for asking that question - my amaryllis that I had for Christmas has two large tall spikes on it now and I was wondering when to feed it.

I suppose it's only common sense really isn't it as most of the goodness will have been used in growing leaves etc.

Thanks anyway and I hope your plant revives and gives you some huge flowers !

10 Jan, 2011

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