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Hi All
Anybody grows passifloras I have never grown from seed so all info would be gratefully appreciated such as how long before they flower, How hardy are they in the UK etc
Many thanks



Steve, our Passiflora is hardy in most winters although frosted last winter we get many seedlings underneath, I am happy to send you some if you send your address in a private message. They will flower in about 4 years and fruit, see my photo 15th. Oct. 2009. Plant your Morning glory this year and next as the Passiflora grows. I could send you enough for the 60ft. fence. Sending you a PM also.

9 Jan, 2011


As far as hardiness goes it does depend upon which passiflora you're looking at (and I suspect that you may be looking at an exotic).
The following link gives a fairly comprehensive list for both species and hybrids......

10 Jan, 2011

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