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I have a Red Robin shrub it is 3ft.tall when can I move it if it can be moved.It has been in the ground for about 4years.



Any time from now on - but only if the ground is not frozen, nor waterlogged, and you're able to dig it properly to create a new planting area - the roots will be pretty widespread and deep, so dig out carefully, starting a foot to eighteen inches away from the central trunk, breaking as few roots as possible, and keeping a good rootball.

9 Jan, 2011


(Bamboo)Thank you for the information'I now can go ahead and move my Shub,knowing I will not kill it

11 Jan, 2011


Done carefully, hopefully it will survive. Remember to water it well in its new position - if it starts to look droopy and not well, reduce the topgrowth by a third to a half.

11 Jan, 2011

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