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Help! suicidal Zamioculcas

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Happy New Year to all fellow plant lovers!
Please help, yes the ZZ plant (Zamioculcas) just can't keep them going. A house plant I know. Bought from garden centre they grow until they outgrow their pot then the trouble starts. Re-pot in 50:50 sand and compost mix, water infrequently but soon the leaves go black and they rot from bases of stems and kaput, thats the end! If ever there was a suicidal plant this is it!
They are supposed to withstand neglect and abuse, maybe I should try that. Are there any experienced growers out there who can tell me where I'm going wrong? Cheers



First, don't use home-made garden compost, and make sure that any commercial mixes you use don't have loam or peat in them. Then, make sure that the sand is a coarse, horticultural grit, rather than play sand, or something fine like that. Next, add a generous amount of pumice or volcanic cinders to increase the drainage and aeration further. Also, don't increase the size of the pot more than about 5 cm in diameter or height--too much unused potting compost is an open invitation to rot. If the roots or tubers are damaged at all in transplanting, you will need to apply a fungicide to prevent rot--they are very sensitive to root rot fungi! Pot up in barely damp mix, and leave dry for at least a week after repotting, to let any damage heal. Then you can water. We usually water once about every two to three months, here in the desert.

11 Jan, 2011


Well thats very informative. I have one too that looks great at the minute but the pot is starting to distort as the tubers develop. I was thinking of potting it on so thats great info on that Tug, thanks.

11 Jan, 2011

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