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Has any one grown Babiana corms successfully?
My brother has brought me some from Van Meuwen and the cultural instructions are brief to say the least.
How hardy in 'normal' winters?



I have them, and everyone keeps saying how rare they are, but I think they are close cousins to muscari because they multiply so fast. They need to be planted a little deeper than normal because new bulbs will grow along the stem ( like lilies). Mine are in well drained soil and full sun. They also survive considerable neglect, and keep multiplying.

14 Jan, 2011


Sbg, they are easy in Mediterranean and semi-arid climates. Like Wylie's experience, they are almost weeds here. In the UK, they are probably considered somewhat difficult, due to cold winters and moist summers. You could try treating them like their relative the Freesia, though they'll probably need faster drainage.

15 Jan, 2011


So definitely dry and frost free then. Thats a shame I hate having to cosset plants. Ah well if I get some lovely flowers I will be happy. My brother is such a sweetie.

15 Jan, 2011


I've read that they revert to winter growth. whats this?

26 Feb, 2011


That means that if you plant them in the spring to bloom in the summer, they will likely sprout again in the fall, and try to grow in the winter, like they do in their native South Africa. Best way to prevent that is to keep them warm and dry (low humidity) once they go dormant the first time.

26 Feb, 2011


Thanks for the extra info Tug. I will plant them in a mesh pot that can be lifted and kept dry in the coalhouse then. I hate having to cosset plants but as they were a pressie fro my brother they are worth the effort.

26 Feb, 2011

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