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Clematis armandii ... Toxic ?

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Clematis Toxic ???

This is a pic. from my GoY photos of my Clematis armandii.

On an internet doggie forum, there is mention of the whole plant being poisonous to dogs, and it says that one leaf is enough to kill a small dog...

My dogs are rarely in this far part of my garden, and when they are, it is always under supervision...

... and they don't usually eat leaves ..

I am aware that lots of plants are "toxic" to some extent... but I would be interested to read your comments on the above warning about Clematis amandii...

Thanks in advance for your time in replying to my question. :o)))

On plant Clematis armandii




That's why I get high as a kite when shredding it

16 Jan, 2011


you're welcome to shred some of mine any time... branches everywhere ... :o)

16 Jan, 2011


Alot of time is spent on mine, grows fast even on north east wall mile a minate

16 Jan, 2011


But the blossom is beautiful .... :o)))

16 Jan, 2011


mine don't blossom much NE wall

16 Jan, 2011


Ah... yes... mine gets sun all day...

16 Jan, 2011


Clematis is in the Ranunculaceae family (buttercups) and all members of that family are toxic.

It's a feature of t'internet that as soon as someone says a plant is toxic someone else will say 'one leaf is enough to wipe out the whole human race'.

As you say, your dogs don't tend to eat leaves, and that's the key. If a plant has nothing to make an animal want to eat it then it can be highly toxic and still cause no harm.

16 Jan, 2011


Hi terra all clematis are toxic to a degree as thepoisongarden says, but you keep supervision on your dogs so you should be safe enough..

16 Jan, 2011


Thanks Thepoisongarden and Surreylad ..
It's very interesting to read your observations on this question.

Yes ~ my dogs are well-supervised...

Truffle the Terrier very occasionally eats a fallen leaf from the climbing roses, or from the Garrya elliptica James Roof ....

16 Jan, 2011


I think the main worry would be with puppies in the 'chewy' stage. I was a bit worried when I first grew Ricinus because, as Thepoisongarden says the web was full of horror stories. But when I looked further into it I found that, even though the purified form of ricin is pretty lethal, a dog of Ed's size would need to digest at least 8 seeds to feel any ill effects. And as the spiny pods contain only 3 seeds each and apparently taste 'orrible, even to a mad Staffie, and Ed hasn't chewed for years, I feel pretty confident that he will leave them alone.

Oh, just remembered the question. He's never shown any interest in my C. armandii either. So I reckon that if they're out of the chewy stage you are fine if you just keep half an eye. In summer I grow Datura and Brugs all over the place too. Never a problem.

17 Jan, 2011


Hi Sarra ...
Thanks for commenting ... yes ... hopefully most dogs are sensible enough to not eat anything which tastes nasty ...

<<<hugs>>> to adorable Ed. :o)

17 Jan, 2011

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