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Can Viburnum Bodnantense 'Dawn' be grown in a pot please? I've no soil near my doors or windows.



Unless it's a HUGE pot, I think you'd always be trying to cut it back. It really isn't suitable as it grows to over 6 feet and with new shoots always coming up from the base. There are other Viburnum which would be more suitable, or if you particularly want scent, how about a Sarcococca??

17 Jan, 2011


Almost anything can be grown in a pot, but the potential final size will dictate the length of time a plant remain healthy and of good quality. V. bod 'Dawn' can reach a height of ten feet and it has a mighty rootstock. Viburnums do not like drying out, either. I would advise NOT. I would also say that there are many more attractive flowering shrubs than V. bod. 'Dawn', so I would widen your search to include daphnes, smaller viburnums (v. x carlecephalum for example), some rhododendrons and azaleas, esp. the deciduous azaleas, for scent and autumn colour. Worthy

17 Jan, 2011


I have one in a large plastic pot, it has been there for about 6 years, it is not as good as in the ground but the fact that it is in a pot has the effect of root pruning it. I use it for screening where I could not plant anything else. I put all sorts of things in large pots that should not be there. Now that I am older! I think have the joy of it while it last.

18 Jan, 2011

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