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I have Abies koreana growing in my garden, it is beautiful. I have seen another tree far greater in size with the cones hanging downwards but the same incredible colour. Anyone have any idea of the possible name of this or any photos of a similar cone please?



If the cones are hanging, it is likely to be a Spruce (Picea), or a Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga).

18 Jan, 2011


As Tugbrethil says, probably Picea, and by your description, might be picea likiangensis, the cones of which hang down, about 3 - 5in long, and are purplish before they ripen. Douglas fir cones are about 3 in. long, not purple, with distinctive three-part tips to the scales. Worthy

19 Jan, 2011


Thanks for that info. The cones are just over 5 inches and were a beautiful mauve until they matured. I picked 2 cones off of the tree in December and they are now shedding the seeds which I will try and grow. I will get a photo and more info on the tree shortly.

19 Jan, 2011


Photo has been added to the main garden pictures page, if members wish to see it there...

Hi Mirronda ... welcome to GoY :o)

19 Jan, 2011


Photo attached of tree which the cones came off of. Does this look like Picea likiangensis. The form is quite distinctive.

1 Feb, 2011


How do I get another photo on here ?

1 Feb, 2011

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