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I have an Agave (approx 4' diametre) in a pot of almost the same size which is far too large and heavy to move so I covered it with plastic sheeting to keep it dry over winter, but spotting has occured all over it. There is adequate ventilation. Should I remove the plastic and do you think it will recover?




I have had them spot like this and recover. It really depends whether we have a wet spring. I would take the plastic of while its dry and let the air around it, but cover it if there's prolonged rain. They can get a bit 'sweaty' under plastic. I use sacking loosely around the plant, then add a plastic sheet over the top just when its wet. Also its a good idea to remove an offset and pot it up before the winter - so at least you have a replacement in the greenhouse/windowledge!

18 Jan, 2011


Spotting may be oedema from too much water, but mild frost damage can look similar.

18 Jan, 2011


Thank you for your comments. I would hate to lose the big one especially!!

27 Jan, 2011

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