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I am working some gardens in stratford and some of the shrubs which I think are viburum tinus have brown marks on the leaves and the leaves are sickly looking, and when it rains the shrubs give off a very nasty smell. Do you know what this is and how I deal with it? Thanks John



Hello John, could it be viburnham beetle and are there any signs of powdery mildew, had the same problem a few years back with a viburnham tinus, its leaves were full of shot hole and powdery mildew was present with a very pungent smell, i cut most of it back [April] and all the new growth i sprayed with bugclear which seemed to do the trick.

18 Jan, 2011


It's viburnum larve/beetle look for signs of the larve in the spring I've got the same problem, go to my home page click on questions tab, 2 nd question down there answer there

19 Jan, 2011

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