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hi i have a canna in a pot outside should it have been frost free if so is it to late to save it if not what do i do with it many thanks



All I can offer is "Cross your fingers" Sunshines. As it's in a pot it would have been better if you could have put it somewhere frost free.

In the ground, you may get away with leaving them, especially if the ground is free draining. Lots of people lift them to make sure, and start them off indoors to get a longer growing season. I've left mine in the ground as we live in a relatively warmer part of the UK. I should have covered them with bracken before it froze, but got caught out by the sudden early cold weather. So now, like you, I'm hoping for the best.

You could put your pot somewhere frost free if we get any more freezing weather.

19 Jan, 2011


hi beatie thanks for advice

20 Jan, 2011

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