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By Alextb

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Can a Buddleia Butterfly Bush be planted in a large pot.

I bought it form Poundland, and the packaging shows it grows to 2 metres. I have found a spot with full Sun, out the front near my new trough (one of my blogs). I chose this spot because of the amount of sun it recieves and so that the other residents on the estate can enjoy the beautiful purple blooms.




A neighbour of mine has one in a half barrel. To be comfortable the pot should be large, but not really a problem.

20 Jan, 2011


I think it will be fine. Buddleias are one of the toughest shrubs and you see them growing wild in all sorts of unwelcoming situations and soils so it should be fine.

20 Jan, 2011


O.K. Thanks you 2

20 Jan, 2011


You'll need a really large pot or the combination will be top heavy and blow over all the time, once the Buddleia gets going. They'll take hard pruning - which you'll need to do to keep it within bounds.

20 Jan, 2011


O.K. Thanks Beattie

20 Jan, 2011


One of the new 'patio' Buddleias might be the answer for you. They are supposed to remain quite compact and are recommended for pots yet they say they still have great flower power.
So far, I have only seen them in catalogues, so you might need to send away for one.

20 Jan, 2011


You see these growing in gutters and out of walls (glad they are not mine) so they grow in anything......

25 Jan, 2011

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