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Been told not to eat Rhubarb after the end of August as the
poison travels from the leafs down the stalk .Can you help
before poison my self as we love rhubarb.Many Thanks Reg



never heard of this before, i eat rhubarb any time of the yr and glad to say im still alive lol

8 Sep, 2008


I heard not to eat it the first year after planting.

8 Sep, 2008


It's only the leaves of Rhubarb that are toxic - at ALL times of the year - so don't try a Rhubarb leaf stew! I think that this one is a myth! Glad to hear that you are still with us, Irish!

9 Sep, 2008


thanks Spritz lol

9 Sep, 2008


Keep on eating the rhubarb, it is an old wives tale. But the acid can cause joints to ache.

9 Sep, 2008


Perhaps pulling rhubarb late in the season weakens the plant, lessening the crop the following year? So this idea was put about to deter people people eating it late in the year. I've never heard of anyone poisoning themselves unless they have eaten the leaves

9 Sep, 2008


Never heard of this before.And so enjoy rhubard.

Got a nice recipe for rhubarb jam.

9 Sep, 2008


hand it over kath lol we eat pots of the stuff here

12 Sep, 2008


Recipe for Rhubarb & Orange Jam (not much to it)

1lb. Rhubarb
1 Orange zest &juice
1lb Sugar

Boil for 10 minutes approx.

Its very tasty.

12 Sep, 2008

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