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I have long been in the habit of putting ash from the house fire on my vegetable garden. The fire burns wood only. I have now started using anthracite smokeless fuel in a woodburner and was wondering whether the ash from that is safe, or even beneficial, to put on the veg' garden. It has quite an acrid smell and I am worried that it may be harmful to do so. Many thanks, Andrew (Perthshire)



You're right to worry - wood ash is fine, coal or coke ash isn't, so don't put it anywhere on the soil.

20 Jan, 2011


Only use is for footpaths as it will stop weeds growing for quite a while.

20 Jan, 2011


Hi Andrew... Chessloser ..
I don't know much about ash, but welcome to GoY, and thanks for giving me a laugh with the most amusing avatar name I've seen for a while :o)

20 Jan, 2011


We operate a similar system to you, Andrew. During autumn and spring we light our stove on a daily basis, as needed, and burn wood only. The ash from this goes on the garden. During winter we add anthracite to keep the stove in 24/7 and during this period the ash goes in the bin.

21 Jan, 2011

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