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By Gray

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a Nepenthes Alata in our frost-free conservatory. It is about 2 years old, abou 1m in hanging length and has lots of pitchers, many new ones, but the leaves are yellowing and are blotchy brown. Some look very poorly. It is damp, but until recently had never been fed (apart from it's own fly-catches). How can I green-up the leaves?




Sorry I dont know the answer but there is a member called Sarraceniac who should be able to help you. Search his name and send him a pm.

21 Jan, 2011


In my experience, some species of Nepenthes can be damaged by cold, even if the temps don't actually go below freezing. The damage looks much like this.

22 Jan, 2011


Hi Gray. I have the same problem with my plant, its roughly the same age, height and has lots of pitchers. However mine is indoors north facing with filtered light. Its been brought inside for the winter but prior to that its was a lovely luscious green. I'm suspicious that it may need more light, humidity(heat pump indoors), or potentially has had too much water. I doubt its a nutrient deficiency as they dont like mineral/trace elements in their medium. Cant wait to put it back in the shade house.

4 Aug, 2016

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