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Hi its the sprog looking for info. on the no dig method of veg As I said the
other day I have 22 raised beds
and I am finding at times ab-it hard go -,.wing at my age
The average size of the plots 8x4 10x 5 and30 x4., Started yesterday double
digging and adding hours dung

as i went only another 21 to go. also I am wondering if Sprayed around each
plot to kill the Grass's twitch gets under the edge boards

Thanking you Fot



Hi, Fot!

Try this:

it sounds official (I hope)!

22 Jan, 2011


I have just found this very informative site and it is well worth a look.

Horse dung unless it is very well rotted will have a host of weed seeds which will keep you too busy to grow anything else.

23 Jan, 2011


You could try this site (I know it's 1 foot square ) but it will give you some ideas as well if you only do 1 crop in each bed.....

25 Jan, 2011


I'm sorry, Oldsparky, but which site?

25 Jan, 2011

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