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Identifying weeds 3


By Peter

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Three in a series of four.
Anyone know what this is?
Thank you for the help.




Looks like a buttercup to me, quite large clumps of roots and will spread with runners if left.

28 Jan, 2008


Thanks Spritz!

28 Jan, 2008


I would agree. I am a bit plagued by this one. Very difficult to remove completely due to the runners. Every time I think I've completely eradicated it...........guess what?

29 Jan, 2008


Definitely one for your trowel, Peter. Make sure you get it all out.

29 Jan, 2008


It's at the bottom of my dead lavender so I should be able to have a good go at it without damaging too much.

29 Jan, 2008


creeping buttercup, loves light sandy soil, is a pain, in your lawn.

31 Jan, 2008


I have this all over my small front garden and it's a real pain. You think you've got rid of it all, then it shows itself again. Unfortunately, I thought it was a plant and left it in for the summer, it then spread itself ALL over the place. All I can suggest is that you just keep a very close eye on it and when you spot it get it out as quickly as possible. It's like a spider and spins a web of runners which get everywhere. It is such a shame as it has lovely small yellow flowers and attractive foliage. Mine also started under a lavender - I wonder if Lavender 'attracts' them or something?

8 Feb, 2008

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