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What is the most ideal compost mixture for Cyclamen Coum? I have bought some very young plants from Also, how deep should I place the tubers? They are for planting into a 10" diam clay pot in full shade.




My book suggests ordinary garden compost is OK. As for depth of planting the same book says 1" to 2" which presumably depends on the size of the corm. I usually plant mine so that the top of the corm is at or just under ground level. I've also been told that this type of plant is incredibly clever and if it is at the wrong level it will adjust itself. Full shade is apparently OK, but I've got mine in all sorts of different places and they are all doing fine. A lovely plant in my opinion.

23 Jan, 2011


I prefer a gritty compost to give good drainage. Cyclamen corms do not like to sit in wet compost. Like Bernard, I plant shallowly so that the top of the corm is just proud of the surface of the compost then add half an inch ove grit as a dressing. They should be OK in full shade, Johnathon, but would be even happier in partial shade.

23 Jan, 2011


A gritty soil it is then, combined with some good humus? Full shade is the only place I have for them I'm afraid. But I have some others also in full shade, so my expectation is high. Thank you chaps.

23 Jan, 2011


My Coum Cyclamen are in part shade in a rather dry, narrow slot under trees. They are just in the soil that was there when I planted corms a long time ago. They seem to like being near the surface. When it is dry I make a point of sprinkling water over them daily, whether they are active or not. At the moment they are in a solid 6 feet of marbled leaves but none flowering at the moment.

24 Jan, 2011

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