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We have a Mimosa tree about 20ft high ,it has been beautiful every year. This year it must have suffered in the cold and snow and looks dead,its in a very sheltered garden,do you think it might recover?



I don't know a thing about Mimosas, Harry, but I'd always give a plant I suspected of being dead a chance to prove me wrong. I wouldn't give up on it til June or July at the earliest.

23 Jan, 2011


Exactly. Leave it be, and hope. The first thing a tree does when it's under stress is lose its leaves. It can survive without them for a short while. When the warm weather comes, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you return with good news. Worthy

23 Jan, 2011


Hi, thanks ,will keep you posted.

23 Jan, 2011


Good luck Harry, and good luck Harry's mimosa :-)

23 Jan, 2011

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