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By Johno

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hi i have a cordyline if i take all the leaves off will they grow back because with all the snow we had the leaves have all gone flat



the leaves won't grow back but if the trunk isn't dead it will sprout again from the top . If the trunk above the ground is dead it may well sprout again from ground level

Just as a matter of interest I see you've asked the same question twice. Was this a mistake on your part or was it the fault of the sites software?

I've seen this happen alot lately and if it wasn't your mistake I'll bring it to the attention of the site programmers who should be able to fix the problem.

23 Jan, 2011


Leave it alone till spring arrives - if we have more snow and ice, the foliage already present will provide some protection for the trunk or stem, at least, in hope you may get new growth further down the trunk, or from the ground.

24 Jan, 2011

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