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By Masie

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Hello again everyone! Any suggestions for possible uses of jars of out of date powdered herbs.e.g.cloves,majoram & fennel & caraway seeds and more, cheers, masie.



Use them with a heavy hand?

24 Jan, 2011


Well they wont grow so Beattie's suggestion is probably the only one.

24 Jan, 2011


As long as they aren't damp or gone mouldy they will just be a little less pungent. Michael Macintyre did a great joke about little used herbs on the shelf!!

24 Jan, 2011


just put them in your compost if they wont grow .

25 Jan, 2011


I think continuing to use them makes more sense than composting... they will do nothing for the compost except perhaps confuse the brandlings.

25 Jan, 2011


they will rot down . i asumed masie wanted another use for them than what there dried for . i agree there best for food etc .

25 Jan, 2011

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