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A close family friend has recently died. Is there a rose named Laughter. Thanks



There is one called Laughter Lines.

24 Jan, 2011


I googled this and found one called 'Laughter Lines' in Dave's Garden website. It's a deep rose pink and single like a wild rose. But it's an American site so I don't know if you could buy it in the UK.

24 Jan, 2011


Snap, Owdboggy!

24 Jan, 2011


There's Rosa 'Laughter Lines', and Rosa 'Joy'. Neither seems readily available. Try contacting one of the big rose suppliers (there are a few major ones, and I don't think we can specify a particular supplier here), and asking them. There's a rose for practically every occasion, and a huge number of names for emotion and feeling. Worthy

24 Jan, 2011


Oops, we're all doing it! Lizziec, you're well answered. Worthy

24 Jan, 2011


The only plant of any kind that has the word "laughter" in it's name, and which is available in the UK, is Iris 'Light Laughter' - seemingly available only from Claire Austin, details at the URL below:

24 Jan, 2011


I'm sorry for your loss. Other suggestions for roses might be possible if you can give an idea of what you want to suggest.

At the risk of putting my foot in it, there is a small one called 'bright smile' though I know nothing about it.

27 Jan, 2011

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