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What is the best time to plant the large poppy varieties from seed?



It depends on the species. If you mean the annual 'opium poppy' Papaver somnifera then I scatter mine where I want them to flower in April. For the perennial P. orientalis I start them off in the greenhouse in mid February, planting them out May and hopefully they may flower in the first year, but more likely next year.

24 Jan, 2011


what about the himalayan one SBG?

25 Jan, 2011


Shirley Poppy (Papaver rhoeas) the same as Opium Poppy, and Iceland Poppy probably the same as Oriental Poppy, though they are a little more likely to bloom the first season. It should also be possible to plant the Iceland and Oriental Poppies in summer for flowers the next spring, though you may get some mortality in a winter such as this one.

25 Jan, 2011


I didnt think of meconopsis [Himalayan] as a large species. I dont grow it either so dont know.

25 Jan, 2011


What about the peony type ones?

27 Jan, 2011


Those are P. somniferum strains, Bryony.

27 Jan, 2011


Thanks, I didn't know that.

29 Jan, 2011

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