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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I bought a small firethorn from B&Q today, and was just wondering about care instructions, especially when and how to prune.

Also, when pruning would spur pruning work by making it bushier like climbing roses?

Would any uneaten or wrinkly berries need removing, to allow new growth, and would the old stalks with the berries on need removing with them?

Will it also eventually need training on to a larger trellis?

I know I asked a lot (sorry), but it is just that I like this shrub / bush or whatever it is, and would like to care for it properly. (What category does this come under?)

Any advice greatly recieved

Thanks in advance.




They are lovely , Alex,and easy to care for.They don't really need support ,so it would be fine with no trellis at all.You don't need to remove any old berries,as the birds usually finish them off,or they will drop off naturally.As for pruning,its not really necessary,as you will soon see new growth,and white flowers appearing.If you prune it beforehand,you won't have the flowers to produce the berries for next winter.If you need to prune,its usually to improve the appearance,, a branch growing where you don't want it,or if it gets too big...I have 3 growing against a wall,..lovely winter colour..

24 Jan, 2011


Thanks for the advice Bloomer, it is very helpful.

24 Jan, 2011


You are welcome Alex..enjoy your lovely plant..:o)

24 Jan, 2011

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