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By Magray

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi i have a cordyline that has grown to 15ft untill this winter was doing very well, now all the leaves falling off and 2ft up the trunk of the tree it is oozing orange liquid, does not look very well, is it beyond saving?Hope you can help, MAGS



You'll need a pruning saw - go out and saw the trunk off below the oozing point. Then wait to see if it produces new growth either lower down the stem, or from the base - you may have to wait till June or later to be sure that the plant is completely dead, even at the roots. If it's any comfort, you're not alone, this winter will have seen off many of the Cordylines which just managed to hang on through the previous year's cold weather.

26 Jan, 2011


I feel so sad about the cordylines this winter many old established specimens have died....mine included. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my largest one may, not be dead altogether. It had such a group of thick crowns at the top, that I've a feeling the the top most ones have protected those underneath....only time will tell. Another 6ft one has lost the crown and growths at the base. We'll have to wait till warmer weather before we'll know for sure. One thing I'm certain of after losing my large Eucalyptus is that I shall only be planting deciduous native types or conifers again.

26 Jan, 2011


Thanks for your help, I will give it a try fingers crossed

28 Jan, 2011

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