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Should I re-pot my jasmine hoop now (Jasminum polyanthum /pink jasmine)?

I have just bought a jasmine which is covered in buds. It has been in my porch for a few days but the buds are not opening yet. I have also noticed that it needs re-potting. Should I re-pot it now or would that stop that buds from opening? Also, which compost would be best for re-potting? Eventually I would like to take the jasmine off the hoop and let it climb (if it survives- I think these jasmine plants are 'factory farmed' but couldn't resist).

On plant Jasminum polyanthum



Not the best time to repot, obviously, when a plant is about to flower, but frankly, if its absolutely desperate, I'd risk it, but I wouldn't disturb the roots by raking out the rootball too much. Otherwise wait till March.

27 Jan, 2011


Thanks, Bamboo. I think I will have to risk it as the roots are coming out of the bottom of the pot and also surfacing all around the base of the plant if you know what I mean.

29 Jan, 2011


Yes I do, and I suspected it might be that bad, lol! Trouble is, you'll be breaking roots to get it out of the pot, and then it will need a bit of uncoiling before putting into the new compost.

29 Jan, 2011

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