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By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know if there is a variety of Common Ivy that doesn't produce flowers?



Not that I am aware of they need flowers to propagate.

27 Jan, 2011


All plants produce 'flowers' of some sort. Some are very inconsequential but they are there all the same.

27 Jan, 2011


I don't remember ever seeing ivy with flowers. I just thought it spread like crazy, and GC's took cuttings to sell in planters.

Such a novice me.

27 Jan, 2011


Hi Bernard,
Hedera helix (the common Ivy) produces two kinds of growth - juvenile and mature - with different shapes and sizes of leaves on each. Only the mature growth is able to flower, and the smaller, slower-growing and congested varieties of the species will not flower because they never produce this mature foliage.

Having said that these smaller varieties are not suitable for covering walls/fences etc., so are generally used as trailing plants or in rock gardens, for example.

27 Jan, 2011


Alex - Ivy flowers in late autumn and early winter. The flowers are rich in nectar and are one of the most important and valuable sources of food for late season Bees, Butterflies, Hoverflies & other insects.

27 Jan, 2011


The berries are also eaten by woodpigeons, thrushes, warblers, blackcaps and robins making them valuable source of winter food.

27 Jan, 2011


...not to mention all the little animals that over-winter under it's evergreen protection - it's a pretty vital wildlife plant all in all!

27 Jan, 2011


Hurrah! Ivy lovers! Finally, the recognition it deserves. Worthy

27 Jan, 2011


Agreed Ilex

28 Jan, 2011


It's a bit late in the day but thanks to all for the feedback.

3 Feb, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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