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What is this evergreen and is it edible for birds?


By Teebag2

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

What is this evergreen and are the seeds in the pods edible for birds?

Asked from the GoYpedia evergreen shrubs page

Tinas_pictures_from_camera_023 Tinas_pictures_from_camera_025



Hi Teebag, it's Euonymus japonicus, and yes, the seeds are eaten by birds, although all Euonymus are mildly toxic to humans.

27 Jan, 2011


Thank you very much Ilex, mildly toxic eh?! Well I shall refrain from nibbling then.!
Thanks again. Teebag

27 Jan, 2011


I don't imagine they're too tasty anyhow! :)

27 Jan, 2011

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