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I would be truly grateful if you could tell me what the name of this spectacular plant is. I bought it in Sri Lanka when the globose stem was the size of a table-tennis ball, and now, five years later, the stem is about 21cm in diametre. The little roadside stall I bought it from said the plant was originally from Holland, which may or may not have been true.They said it grows to be 2 metres across in 20 years, which may be true;it doubles in size every year.
The plant is unbranced, I could say, although the leaves rise out of the centre,and create a central stem-like spike to support the innermost leaves, a bit like some globose palm trees. The leaves are very long, narrow and serrated.
The plant loves sunshine and doesn't need a lot of water.The stem itself is silvery grey,and the leaves are pale green and about 2cm at the base, over half a meter long and mildly serrated.
Do you know what my plant is called?




Don't know why you've not been answered. Think it mght be beaucarnea recurvata. However, there are others on this site who've got pics of it. Have a search of the photos. Worthy

27 Jan, 2011


Definitely Beaucarnea recurvata, also sold as Nolina recurvata. Common names include Elephant's Foot Palm, and Ponytail Palm, even though it's more closely related to Yuccas and Agaves. When it gets old enough, it may send up a spray of tiny, ivory-colored flowers from the top, which will cause it to branch.

27 Jan, 2011

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