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please can anyone tell me what is meant by semi self fertile cherry trees have just bought a summersun tree and thought it was fully self fertile but it is marked semi self fertile do i need a pollinator to get fruit or not ,i dont need a heavycropping tree



Hmm, everything I've looked at online says this one is self fertile - if there are other cherries around and about which flower at the same time, these should help with pollination, so I'd be inclined to plant it and see how it does - if you find you're not getting fruit after a couple of years, then you might consider whether it needs a pollinator or not. Trouble is, it may not crop initially because its young, and in years when we have particularly cold spells immediately the flowers appear, pollination may not occur because the cold damages the flowers before it happens, or because there aren't enough insects about because of the cold. Sorry I can't be more help - your other option is to contact the nursery regarding the label of semi self fertile - this just means it might pollinate itself, which isn't much use to you, frankly, is it, but its advertised everywhere as being self fertile, so I'd ask why the label says something different to try to establish whether its self fertile, or only partially so.

27 Jan, 2011


Semi self-fertile simply means that the plant is partly but not fully receptive to it's own pollen, so you would get a somewhat lower fruit set than when grown with a pollinating partner...but then again you could say that about absolutely any fruiting tree - they will always set more fruit with a partner.

As Bamboo says, Prunus avium 'Summer Sun' is considered to be self-fertile, and was awarded the RHS AGM for just that attribute, so (assuming weather & pollinators are all OK) you should have no problem in that regard.

27 Jan, 2011


Keep bees! That'll take out the 'semi'! Ridiculous label without clarification, isn't it? Worthy

27 Jan, 2011


hi bamboo thankyou for answering my question will plant tree and hope for the best , have asked garden centre where i bought tree they just say it might bear fruit if location is right.probably wont use this centre again

28 Jan, 2011


Hmm, well that kind of answer is what I call hedging their bets, or in coarser vernacular, covering their a***s - in other words, they're not well informed, though that's not particularly unusual these days, to be fair. Just see how it goes.

28 Jan, 2011

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