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FOXGLOVES - I planted 12 foxgloves from GC mini pots in summer 2010 and they flowered beautifully for 3 months. I know they are biennial, so that should be their lifespan over with. I didn't give them a chance to self seed as I weeded constantly and dead-headed them, plus I planted them a bit too close together, so there is, I imagine, no room for them to find soil to set seed even if they could! Thing is, I still have green basal leaves from these original plants and they don't look like they're about to die. Is there a chance they'll flower again (freak of nature!) or is this normal and should I just remove the plants as they will only produce leaves this time, as it's now their 3rd year of life?



They are more accurately short lived perennials, so may well flower this year, too. This time, collect the seed. Cut off the flower heads,if they displease you, once they start turning brown, and store them, upside down in a paper bag, to dry fully. It'll be early autumn by then, just in time for sowing. Failing that, let 'em dry naturally on the plant, and shake them out when you cut them off. Worthy

27 Jan, 2011


I have ordinary foxgloves, but find that at least some of them manage a third year of life, so yours may well do the same. Gives you another chance at collecting seeds as Worthy says.

27 Jan, 2011


Thanks for your speedy reply! Good advice - I will save seeds this time (here's hoping I get flowers this summer). Cheers, Michelle (VG)

27 Jan, 2011


"...I didn't give them a chance to self seed as I...dead-headed them..."

which is primarily why they are still alive. As Worthy says, they are not invariably biennial and when they are it's partly due to them having poured all their energies into producing vast amounts of seed.

30 Jan, 2011

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