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Another problem! One of my clients in Stratford has a beautiful specimin of a camelia, however quite a few leaves have come off and the plant does not look its best. Is this just due to a severe winter or worse? Thanks anyone. From wonder boy



Hi Wonderboy
I live in Scotland and have a wonderful Camelia. My secret is.....lime-free soil, northern sheltered position, or westerly position. Sheltered against frost and early sun which can damage the buds. They like cool roots. They hate wind and waterlogged feet. Frost can distort the leaves.
Last winter I covered mine in fleece.

28 Jan, 2011


I'd imagine its a result of the harsh weather during November and December - see how it looks when we get to May. This assumes you've checked the stems, branches and leaves for signs of infestation or infection.

28 Jan, 2011


I too live in Scotland. I never fleece mine as they are the Williamsii type and are said to be fully hardy. I occasionally get wind burn but it does not affect the plant long term. I would wait and see before taking any drastic action. As said above they do not like to be exposedto am sunlight but if it is planted where this is impossible to avoid you could spray with water before the sun has a chance to spoil them.

1 Feb, 2011

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