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By Trudpee

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I planted a potted acer in the garden a few years ago but now have to move it to a new position with more room as it has spread and overlaps the path can I replant this now in january and how big is the root system?



You can do it now, but how successful the move will be is largely dependent on how long its been in the ground there and how big it is now. If it's near a path, you may find the roots extend underneath it and will be difficult to extract without serious damage to the root system.

28 Jan, 2011


If it's got to be moved, then now's the time, as Bamboo says, but, prepare the new hole first, plenty big enough. You'll want a rootball on the tree of a size enough that the tree won't really notice the move. How tall's the tree, and what's the girth of the stem at a point about a foot above the ground? Worthy

28 Jan, 2011

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