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spring time care for lilies and orleanders



Not sure quite what info you're looking for, so I'll just say if the oleander's potted, you might want to repot into fresh compost come spring. If your lilies are in the ground, do nothing, if they're in pots, they should really have been fed last year when they still had foliage present.

28 Jan, 2011


You could lightly prune the Oleander if it's a bit leggy or has dead bits on, but be careful as it has poisonous sap.

28 Jan, 2011


The sap of Oleanders is only poisonous if consumed, or applied to an open wound, so just take commonsense precautions with eating, cuts, and scrapes. They don't need much plant food, but in a pot, occasional light feedings with something like Growmore will be appreciated.

28 Jan, 2011

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