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I have 2 well established camellias planted just 5" from the front wall of my house, each being approx 2" diameter where stem meets the soil. Would plants of this size so close to the house be likely to damage the foundations, and if so shoudl I remove them?



I don't think that their roots will damage your house as long as the house is generally in sound condition.

28 Jan, 2011


Friend of mine grows his against the house wall. Admittedly, not that close, but close enough when they're 15ft tall or more, and his reach higher than that sometimes. No problem re the roots, unless your house is particularly flimsy. They're not great searchers with invasive taproots, don't worry. For interest, that same friend cuts his down to the ground every six - eight years, to keep them fresh (!), and within two years they're flowering again, and between five and six feet tall! Worthy

28 Jan, 2011


Many thanks for your helpful responses.

31 Jan, 2011

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