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Amaryllis Mine is size growing beside it as well as a smaller shoot on the other side

Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

Amaryllis Mine is growing well but has shoots from main bulb and another of equal size growing beside it as well as a smaller shoot on the other side. Should I just leave it alone or unpot and remove side shoots from the bulblets. Have also noticed that every year is just a little paler despite using new compost every year any suggestions please? I live just south of Bath. Part of house where it is - temp about 60 degrees.



Panndjames, you don't mention which of the several plants that are called "Amaryllis" yours is. The following advice is based on the most common one sold, actually Hippeastrum hybrids.

If it looks like the new bulbs are starting to touch the sides of the pot, I would repot into one about 5-10 cm bigger. Otherwise, I would just leave it alone--they bloom better when crowded. Since it's in a pot, it will also need regular feeding as long as it has leaves. Lack of nitrogen, potash, and magnesium can all cause it to get paler leaves, and will eventually affect bloom. Removing the bigger side bul probably won't hurt anything, but it should be done right after bloom, which is also the best time to repot.

29 Jan, 2011


Thank you for your help, I'm always pleasantly surprised by the rapidity and depth of knowledge given in the answers. Many thanks

30 Jan, 2011


You're quite welcome, Panddjames!

1 Feb, 2011

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