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Just been to the local garden centre and seen a wonderful willow with the catkins just beginning to emerge. I have loved willow since childhood and have been on the lookout for one for a while. Before buying it though, i am being sensible and asking will it do well in a pot, providing the pot is a good size? Ideally i would love to plant it in the new beds we are currenlty designing, but feel that it may take too much light from the shrubs that will be beneath it. So my only other option is a pot in the courtyard. Would it do ok in this if looked after well?



Sorry, Tilly, you need to tell us which variety the Willow is - they vary in size from 100 feet down to 3/4 feet...

29 Jan, 2011


Sounds like the general standard 'weeping' grafted ones that places sell at this time of year normally grafted at around 6 foot. Personally im not sure about them. Having seen some growing and tried one myself, i must admit it got removed to the heap as the rest of the year they are just a lump of green on stiff branches, nothing as nice as a normal weeping willow variety where the leaves are light green, soft and branches flexible. Pruning has to be done carefully to avoid any outward or upward shoots and they never look right if pruned wrong e.g. trimmed like a bowl hair cut! Should be look in a pot though aslong as it is a decent size, watered and fed.

29 Jan, 2011


It's what's called the Kilmarnock Willow, basically a form of the common Pussy Willow, or Goat Willow. About £12 in HB, are they not? I'm not sure about the graft union. Looks amateur to me. I had a look at some today. With care they'll probably be okay, but I'd give them a little protection for the next month or more, outside, but well secured against the wind, and perhaps protected from the severest of frost until that union's established. Worthy

29 Jan, 2011


Oops, yes sorry Bamboo i forgot to mention, it is a Kilmarnock, as Worthy guessed. I think for the price £12, i may give it a go, and put it in a large pot.

30 Jan, 2011


A little word of warning then Tilly - this shrub is very prone to rust, so have a spray handy and inspect it closely from about end of May onwards, or you'll probably find its covered in orange powder by August...

30 Jan, 2011


thanks for the tip Bamboo. Will have the spray ready and waiting.

1 Feb, 2011


If you really mean catkins ( the yellow dangly things) then it was more likely to be a Hazel. Willows have the fuzzy pussy willow flowers.

2 Feb, 2011

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