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Something I`d like to try


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I would really like to replicate this planting I saw at RHS Harlow Carr in May this year. Can someone tell me are these called candleabra primulas? They were such beautiful colours and where in a garden would be the best place in the garden to plant them and when?




They are indeed Candelabra primulas for which Harlow Carr is famous. They need a damp soil in sun which is why they do so well alongside the stream in the gardens there.

11 Sep, 2008


Once established they will seed all over the place and you will get different colours as they croos pollinate.But as Owdboggy says they DO like it damp.

11 Sep, 2008


Aren't they fabulous plants! I wish my stream bank was wider!

11 Sep, 2008


As I always tell people, plants can't read. Start them off in ideal conditions and if they self-seed elsewhere, then they will be happy to grow there as well

11 Sep, 2008


Thanks for the replies, will try but on a very small scale, I wish I even had a stream bank Spritz, never mind a wider one!!

12 Sep, 2008


Just a thought, if i planted these next to my small pond which is quite a sunny spot, would ib beneficial to put some sort of lining, maybe a plastic sheet in the soil to help retain some water?

12 Sep, 2008


Trouble wit this is that you also restrict the root run of the plants, unless you can bury the sheet a reasonable depth down. What you need to do is to add as much moisture retaining organic material as you can. It was once ok to use peat, but perhaps now it is more PC to use composted bark or even well rotted manure.

12 Sep, 2008

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