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I have a windy, north facing drive which I would like to screen and soften. I would like to put some trees in containers along the fence. Can anyone advise me on the most suitable things I could use?

The_old_farmhouse_driveway1 The_old_farmhouse_driveway



Trees would only thrive in (large)containers for a few years, before needing to be planted in the ground. Maybe look at shrubs like portuguese laurel (there's a variegated one too) or Choisya - or possibly Eleagnus?
They'd still need very large containers, though - like a half-barrel.

30 Jan, 2011


thank you

30 Jan, 2011


And the containers would have to be anchored to the ground to stop them blowing over in strong winds, or being stolen!

30 Jan, 2011


Is the fence you are speaking about the one behind the car in the last photograph. Perhaps the farmer would let you plant field Maples in the field. Medium sized tree would make an adequate shelter belt. Amelanchier canadensis is a lovely small tree which has flowers in spring followed by black edible berries and the leaves have lovely autumn colour. I am not sure how either would fare in anything but very large containers because as someone has already pointed out top heavy foliage is likely to topple in high winds.

30 Jan, 2011

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