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Please help with identifing this shrub we have we dug up from the garden and planted in Ericaceous compost as it looked very poorly kept it frost free and now looks (photo enclosed) like this.Many thanks for any ideas.
Kind regards
Jane Wilford

Unknown_plants_005 Unknown_plants_003



Well, the flowers look like some sort of azalea.

30 Jan, 2011


Hi Jane & welcome to GoY. I agree Spritz, one of the deciduous azaleas, have you got it indoors? That would explain why it is flowering so early. It really needs to be outside but if you do that right now it will over stress the plant. Gradually move it into cooler and cooler rooms and aim to have out in the garden by March.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'looked very poorly' if it was the leaf drop this is natural. It does need to be in ericaceous compost but outdoors. Azaleas and rhododendrons are both extremely hardy.

30 Jan, 2011


Definitely a deciduous Rhododendron (Azalea) hybrid. I'd agree 100% with Moongrowers advice too.

30 Jan, 2011


It could be Rhododendron 'Yellow Hammer', as said previously a deciduous azalia type rhodo.
The ericaceous compost is correct but it should not be indoors. Do you have a cold greenhouse that it can be moved to, one with plenty of light? This would be better for it.

30 Jan, 2011


Bulbaholic - we have 2 'Yellow Hammer' in the garden, it has much smaller, more tubular flowers than this one, which looks like a generic Knap Hill type hybrid or seedling - it's a very nice colour I must say.

30 Jan, 2011


I agree Ilex not 'Yellow Hammer' - looks nice though...

30 Jan, 2011


Thank you all so much for identifing my plant and giving me the advice i needed.I havnt got a cold greenhouse but will move into colder conditions gradually as advised by you.I did think it resembled an Azalea with the flowers but for the last couple of years when in the garden it just looked like dead twigs hence potting up and bringing inside.Thanks once again for all your help
Kind regards
Jane wilford

31 Jan, 2011

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