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By Benny

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I have a large conservatory which unfortunately sits under an oak tree so have lots of leaves debris stuck where the house and conservatory meet. Does anyone know of any tools or gadgets that can reach hard to get at places, as i can't walk on top of the conservatory? help please



Can you hose the debris off with water, Benny. There are attachments for cleaning upstairs windows that will help get the jet higher.

31 Jan, 2011


my thoughts exactly bulbaholic. Power washer wil also do the trick.

31 Jan, 2011


Thanks for the suggestions, i do use a jet wash to clean the conservatory but it's a very wide structure so spraying just sends the leaves up in the air and back to where they were and unfortunately my two upstairs windows are placed so i can't lean out!!! that's why i wanted something like an extendable rake or similar to drap the leaves off so i can then jet wash it.

1 Feb, 2011


cant you get a stiff brush and tape it to a long piece of wood maybe .

1 Feb, 2011

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