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i have just bought a cherry tree to plant with my 4 year old granddaughter it is a stella prunus can anyone give me any tips on the type of soil, fertilizer etc to ensure good growth.
also she asked if we could have a strawberry tree because she likes strawberries can anyone tell me the best place to buy strawberry plants and when i should plant them.



Cherries are very tolerant of soil type, so an open site, and good cultivation of the ground when you plant will be all that is required. You can add some bonemeal at planting, to aid root growh, but more important is a well prepared planting pit, and a good watering in. Re the strawberries - a strawberry tree is something entirely different, and the fruit isn't yummy! (although very pretty). But strawberry plants, available fairly soon in garden centres, are best in acid soil, and I've done them in sacks full of coir compost (ericaceous), much like a growbag method. They cropped well and long. Worthy

31 Jan, 2011


i think its a bit strong planting your granddaughter to be quite honest what ever the soil type norjan lol x .

1 Feb, 2011

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