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Soot covered leaves on my Trachelospernum J


By Farbo

United Kingdom Gb

I have a trachelospernum jasminoides which is thriving and flowers well but the leaves are covered in what looks like soot. It does rub off but takes quite an effort to remove it. Any ideas what it could be and can I cut the plant right back as it is getting rather large for the space available and this would also remove the unsightly leaves.



No idea about pruning this climber, it will not grow here, but the soot is sooty mould and it usually grows on the sugary secretion of aphids (honeydew). So first of all get rid of the greenfly then spray the plant with a suitable fungicide.

31 Jan, 2011


Seems a bit early for aphid infestation - unless you're in London, because I've already seen some on the new growth on my clematis. Spray as advised - as for pruning, end of February (in the south) if you want to remove lots, otherwise you can remove a few longer growths now.

31 Jan, 2011


It could be scale insect Id have a look under the leaves.

31 Jan, 2011


Thanks for all your comments. No sign of aphids and the underside of the leaves are clean. Think I'll try pruning it hard back in a couple of weeks and see what happens.

5 Feb, 2011

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