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I have an indoor begonia that is being eaten by something - several leaves almost eaten, some just with holes. Have moved plant to see if helps, but what could be eating it?

Thank you all v much for the help! Much appreciated! Okay - no frass, and no weevil grubs to be seen in roots, though I shall check for the wee beasties this evening... Other info I can say is that the begonia is rescue-plant from Sainsbury's a few weeks ago, and has been fine until last couple of days. It was on my kitchen windowsill alongside two (untouched and healthy) cyclamen...(?) On a couple of the leaves there appears to be cobwebby type substance - I don't want to say cobweb because surely a spider didn't do this?!? (That said last year I had a bee that ate the leaves of several tropical climbers I'd grown and lived in a hole in the soil...and I had never seen that either -again any ideas?! So...!) Some leaves are nibbled around the edges, and some have small holes... there is potential for slug /snail due to outlets in kitchen, but no snail trail... And that's all I can say... - Maybe I should put it back as bait tonight?

Thanks Worthy - have returned plant as 'bait' for a bit, tho may not leave o/night..., will let you know if / what I spot....! Thanks again



Vine weevil?

I've known adults to lurk indoors at this time of year

31 Jan, 2011


Yes I would suspect vine weavel or snails if it has been outside! can you knock it out of its pot and see if there are any eggs.

31 Jan, 2011


A caterpillar might be a possibility. Is there "frass" (caterpillar poo) around the plant?

1 Feb, 2011


Slugs and snails leave frayed edges, the inner leaf tissue exposed. Caterpillars chomp it off cleanly. Magnifying glass. Let us know. Worthy

1 Feb, 2011

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