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Hi, Our Palm Tree was hit by lightening, and has singed half the branches to sticks, now we have funny things growing out the side of the palm trunk less than 1 week later, any ideas please. This is near a fish pond, r the fish ok




should we also chop the singed branches off??

31 Jan, 2011


Looks like the palm is starting to rot, Susie--probably some frost damage as well as being "broasted"!. I would cut it off just below where it is oozing, or even lower if there are soft spots below. Then I would wait until late spring or early summer to see if new shoots emerge, then cut again just above the shoots. The fish should be unaffected, unless a huge amount of that spooge goes into the pond.

1 Feb, 2011


I agree the fish should be OK - the electricity from the lightning dissipates just a short distance away from the strike, so unless the tree is REALLY close to the pond they should not have suffered. Lightning often strikes the sea and the effect is gone within a metre or two.

1 Feb, 2011


unless the pond is cement it wont be earthed so i shouldnt worry .

1 Feb, 2011


Great picture. I'm sure I had something like that removed once! Worthy

1 Feb, 2011


its definatly frost damage and just coincidence that it got hit bye lightning .

2 Feb, 2011


Many Thanks everyone, we thought it was because of the lightening, did not think about the frost.

My mum will be most relieved she loves this big and I mean really big palm tree in her back grden.


2 Feb, 2011


your more than welcome x .

4 Feb, 2011

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