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By Driad

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

We had a lovely crop of grapes on our black homberg last year. It is very old ?50 yrs, in the green-house. Then it was raided by swarms of large, persistant flies. They were resistant to smoking news paper spills that we devised to not poison the crop, the numerous fly-papers were full but they more or less distroyed the entire lot. In previous years we have had wasps, with same results all advice will be more than appreciated

On plant Black Homberg grape



The tedious method, bagging the fruit with mesh bags? I cannot think of another way to do it. As you say, sprays are a no no. Better ventilation, to disperse the smell of the ripening fruit, (but that might spread the smell to a wider audience!). What about traps, with a sugary fruit syrup, plus soap? The combination attracts, then kills! It works for low numbers, but swarms might be a challenge. Worthy

1 Feb, 2011


Flies!? Yyeecchh! And I thought skeletonizers and mildew was bad enough! It might help to make the flypaper renewable: to get true flies, use brown waterproof cards coated with petroleum jelly. On a regular basis, scrape off the petroleum jelly and dead flies, and apply new jelly. Fruit flies, whiteflies, greenfly, blackfly, and leafhoppers respond better to bright yellow cards.

2 Feb, 2011

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