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Thanks for your replies.
I want the seeds so I can grow it again. I've cut most of it back now and hope the roots will send some new plants when the growing season starts here (I grow everything in pots) Not many gardening spaces in Canton.
It's very difficult for me to get seeds for uncommon herbs in China, I had my daughter send them to me last year.



You're welcome, Franco!

Is this true Oregano (Origanum vulgare), or Cuban or Mexican Oregano?
If it's the real deal, it is an almost weedy, rhizomatous perennial, which should already be coming up from the ground. Planting seed should be completely unecessary to keep it going, though it is an efficient means of multiplying it.
Cuban Oregano (Plectranthus amoinicus) is a frost-tender, semi-succulent, shrubby perennial that may bloom very little. The best way to multiply it is with cuttings, and it may or may not survive being cut to the ground.
Mexican Oregano is a sparse, drought tolerant shrub that may not bloom if it is harvested regularly, and is unreliable about producing viable seed, unless its neighbors are unrelated. It is usually multiplied by semi-hard cuttings, and often doesn't survive being cut to the ground.

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2 Feb, 2011

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