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When and how should I prune a large established budl. Globosa? I have had several conflicting opinions from hardly at all to severely!



Should be done immediately after flowering, removing up to a third off the length of flowered stems, and 2-3 inches off the rest of it if you want. I expect the confusion has arisen because Buddleia davidii requires vastly different treatment - that one you cut back hard at end of March.

3 Feb, 2011


Do it after it flowers. and dont be afraid to hard prune it, for eg, have pruned globosa many times, last year hard pruned a fifteen year old globosa, to aprox two feet from the ground, has responded well and will flower its head off this year, over the years it was just pruned a little after each flowering, but it was time to give it a jolly good prune.

3 Feb, 2011


Ooh, this is very interesting. I hadn't realised that you had to treat different ones so differently. most of mine are you know how to prune those?

3 Feb, 2011


Karen - same as for Buddleia davidii - March or April, within 2 inches of old wood, cut back hard.

4 Feb, 2011


Thank you!

4 Feb, 2011

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