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Maybe BlueSpruce could ID the small furry tree centre front, please? Anyone?




Sheila, I would guess Cryptomeria japonica 'Elegans', becomes a large tree in time, best given a light trim every year or two to keep it manageable once it has started to reach a size that you are comfortable with

3 Feb, 2011


Thanks! That's, as they say, a possible maybe, so I'll try to get a better shot, and closer up . . . and see if I've still got the label somewhere!

3 Feb, 2011


I'm almost certain that's what it is from this pic

3 Feb, 2011


Thanks Blue. I expect when I find the label you will be proved right!

4 Feb, 2011


Hi Blue . . . I've found the label, and it says Cryptomeria Japonica Elegans Compacta!! So you are right, and I owe you an apology for ever having had any doubts . . . I had gone and Googled the name, and the photos looked so different from mine. So I am so sorry, and promise to trust you next time. :)

5 Feb, 2011


haha Sheila, you could say I was only half right, although no way of telling that it's 'Compacta' from your pic! ...

5 Feb, 2011

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